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The great trees, the actual notaries of the nature that enclose the secrets of longevity in their wooden rings

Thanks to its partners’ network that extends to all the national territory, the association “Patriarchi della Natura” has organized an archive containing more than 12,000 monumental trees. The archive includes all the information regarding the location, characteristics, dendrometric and phytosanitary parametres. The trees has been photographed in different seasons and its characteristics show its monumentality and its great genetic value. Information about the story of the tree and the place have been gathered thanks to interviews to the owners. This is the so-called “memory”, that is to say the knowledge behind every arboreal patriarch which represents a great value to be added to the genetic one. Protecting these trees is not enough, we must get to know their story too.

To access the archive: https://www.patriarchinatura.it/Archivio%20Patriarchi%20d'Italia.pdf