Meeting Al Bano

I met Al Bano a few years ago during a visit to Puglia in search of some thousand-year-old tree patriarchs, including some large monumental olive trees that the singer from Cellino San Marco had recovered in his renovated estate, which is now a property of extraordinary beauty.

Since Al Bano has peasant origins, he obviously has a strong bond with the land and nature, and it is no coincidence that the song that brought him great success is "Nel sole" (literally "In the sun"), where the sun represents the great engine that governs our planet and on which our food and our very lives depend.

Since he is a very sensitive person, it was easy for us to get on the same wavelength on the topic of nature and biodiversity. When he heard that we had created "I Giardini di Marzo" (The Gardens of March) for Mogol with the association "Patriarchi della Natura" (Patriarchs of Nature), he asked if he could have a garden of lost fruits on his farm in Cellino San Marco, so that he could savour the scents of his childhood and at the same time help save some of the biodiversity.

We are therefore working on the garden that will also be a genetic bank for the conservation of plants of the past resistant to climatic and parasitic adversities, which will be essential for our future.