In memory of Tonino Guerra

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Tonino Guerra, the great screenwriter of the most important films by Fellini, Antonioni, Rosi, Angelopoulos and Tarkovskij, the association "Patriarchi della Natura in Italia" (Patriarchs of Nature in Italy), along with the president Sergio Guidi, will donate a small collection of young apple trees of great genetic value to the town of Tbilisi. These are not just the “fruits of childhood and memory”, as they were defined by Tonino, but also the twins of the most ancient, rustic and endangered apple trees from Emilia Romagna and other Italian regions such as the Decio apple, Campanino, Abbondanza, Roman rose, etc...

The donation has been organised by Lora Guerra and the Russian director Misha Mrevlishvili, coordinator of the whole project, which includes the planting of about fifteen small apple and pomegranate trees in the botanical garden of the municipality of Tbilisi. Tonino’s almond tree will be donated as well, the plant under which he used to meditate. It is widely known that trees absorb the carbon dioxide exhaled by men, so it is truly suggestive to think that Tonino's breath may still be imprisoned in the wood of this hundred-year-old almond tree that lives in his garden in Pennabilli.

The trees that will be donated are part of our history and biodiversity, a living memory of great genetic value.This way, not only will it be possible to guarantee the conservation of the genes of these very rustic and long living plants, but also the bond that Tonino used to have with Georgia - a land he knew and loved deeply - will be even stronger.

Forlì 15/10/2020

the President Sergio Guidi